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‘I Would Love To Be Liverpool’s Captain One Day’- Alexander-Arnold


Captaining Liverpool is something full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has “always dreamed of” and “would love to do one day”.

The 21-year-old, born and raised in the city, is one short of 100 games for the club he made his debut for in 2016.

He became the youngest player to start two consecutive Champions League finals when Liverpool beat Tottenham in June.

Alexander-Arnold also said he has never thought about leaving Liverpool and “can’t see that changing”.

Alexander-Arnold will reach a century of appearances if he plays against Aston Villa in the Premier League on Saturday, except the landmark isn't his biggest ambition at the club.

The England international said:

“I am not shy in saying that [being captain] is simply a dream for me. Whether it comes true or not isn't up to me; I don’t pick who's captain.

“But that's something I'd love to do one day. Captaining Liverpool is something I've always dreamed of and it's something that motivates me.

“I have always been a Liverpool player, Liverpool has always been my home. I've never thought about changing clubs.

“I always thought Liverpool was destined to be my club. When I grew up, the dream was always to play for Liverpool. Now I'm living the dream and I can’t see that changing.”

But he explained how a lottery draw when he was six years old set him on the path to where he's today.

“It was a normal day at school coming up to half term and there was a summer camp going on at the [Liverpool] academy,” he said. “They sent six or seven invites to my school. It was about encouraging young players to play football.

“Every child wanted to go, therefore names we are picked out of a hat and mine came out. I went down on the Saturday with mum, nervous as anything – excited, couldn’t sleep.

“I was nervous to see if I was going to fit in, if I was any good or not. I went in the morning and it was within the first hours, among among one of the members of staff went over to my mum and said: ‘Can you start bringing him two or three times a week?’”